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When to start the Vive Console

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I have looked at any documentation to find out what is the correct procedure on starting the Vive console.

I would think that you would want the application you are going to run in VR started first and the start the console that will start SteamVR so it will automatically set the  "Resolution Per Eye".

The reason I am asking is I was testing the latest update of Microsoft Flight Simulator ( )and did find some strange results from the Vive console.

With MSFS running at the "Welcome" screen ant then starting the Vive console by turning on my Valve Index controllers and using the "Ultra" setting my average "Resolution Per Eye" was 1200 x 1200 at 100%. So if the "Custom Resolution Multiplier" was set also set to 100% that was a blurry mess. Understand my system is a i9 11900K and a RTX 3090 with 64G of ram.

So clearly the console picked the wrong resolution so brings up the question why we are not given the ability to pick it our self. In the console software on the "Display settings" page you are allowed to pick a non Automatic setting like "Ultra (4896x2448, 90 Hz) but it still is automatically setting the "Resolution Per Eye"

So can we have the console software do what it says and if I pick Ultra then if I have the "Resolution Per Eye" set to 100% it would be 2448 x 2448?

If not than a manual setting that would do that.

Many things about the headset I like but this part of the software not allowing the user to have control is  disappointing.


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oh mate that's a tough ask for vive, asking that they make something functional.. yeah look you're better off getting impossibly lucky and finding a gold bar on your doorstep, which you can then use to buy some atleast functional device like the Index.

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On 7/29/2021 at 9:56 AM, dburne said:

I always launch the Vive Console and let it get connected with Steam VR prior to launching any game.

In my testing I have found that if I turn on the link box with nothing running I can then get a consistent resolution on startup.

So using the Ultra setting the"Resolution Per Eye" resolution will repeat. I then use the per application settings to match how much resolution each sim can take with good performance.

This has made finding the proper setting so much easier and hope this might be of some help to others.

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So here are my findings on my system with a i9 11900K @ 5.0 with a RTX 3090 and 64G of ram.

General Resolution Per Eye  3348 x 3348  100%

MSFS Per Application

Custom Resolution Multiplier  2368 x 2368  50%

X-Plane Per Application

Custom Resolution Multiplier 2900 x 2900  76%

In MSFS I generally get 30 FPS and does look quite nice.

In X-Plane I get 45 FPS and think the cockpits do look a little sharper.

All in all I have found my daily driver also having a G2 and a Index I could use but I choose the VP2.

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This helps provide a smooth experience when using less than ideal hardware specs. Turn on mirror VR to show what you see inside the headset on your computer screen.
Select automatic in the display settings to let VIVE Console choose the best setting based on your hardware or manually set the resolution and frame rate you want.
Join the Beta program to be eligible to receive preview builds and provide feedback.
VIVE Console has troubleshooting options to remove and reinstall drivers used by your VR hardware. It also lets you report an issue or send feedback directly from the app.
Install VIVE Console and get the best performance for your VIVE Pro 2.

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