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IN DEPTH Tracking Issues please help 7 months now...


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Hello everyone, 

I need someone to really help me... 

In january I purchased 4 basestations (2.0) and installed them. I had the best tracking of my life. Then all of a sudden it just stopped. My leg in Vrchat was in a constant thing above my head. I have made sure I have no reflective surfices.  when I am in half body with just my index controllers and headset my tracking is fine. I then noticed one of my lights on the pucks were out so I replaced all 3 trackers. I have bought a PCI card. I have tried different positions for base stations. I have used 1 tracker at a time. I have unpluged base stations to see if it was them. In the systems report it says nothing about backfaces or anything like that. 

The weird facts about my tracking. My tracking is unusable for 4weeks straight then I get a week of decent tracking just for it all to go bad again. This has been happening for 7 months. Is this a software thing? Does anyone know how to read the system log? Please reach out to me on discord if you do. K A N D I#5189

Anyhelp would be appreciated. I am just about defeated. 

Here is the systerm report from tonight. I adjusted my base stations and recalberated my room a few times. system report.txt

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