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Focus 3 'turn on controllers' message impossible to close


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Please let me close the "turn on controllers" message when my controllers are off.

When I am using wireless streaming, I want to pair a different set of controllers (the Index controllers for example) to use in SteamVR. Once the other controllers are set up, I turn off the Focus controllers, and then a popup message interrupts what I'm doing and requires me to turn on and pair my controllers. The popup won't let me do or see anything, and nothing I tried could rid of it. I know my controllers are off, I turned them off on purpose! Maybe let me close the popup with the headset button or something? Or maybe add a toggle to disable to message completely in the settings?

I love this headset, but the option to use other controllers definitely makes or breaks wireless streaming for me. Thank you!


ps A pair of Windows audio devices for the playback/microphone while streaming would be nice. Well a functioning mic in any way while wireless streaming would be a great start! I'm hoping you guys are already working on this one.

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Agreed. Hopefully they implement gaze control as an alternative to the controllers (using the button on the left side of the HMD, similar to how Index does it). I don't necessarily want to mess with combining Index controllers with the Vive Focus 3, but there are still plenty of games that I would prefer to play seated with a gamepad.

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