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Unreal Engine 5 support

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@GGGuenni UE5 isn't expected to leave beta until at least 2022. It's not ready for production development and investing a lot of resources into developing a project in a beta version UE5 right now is a risky business decision at best (unless you are partnering with Epic) that does not follow best practices for the gaming industry (although I fully expect based on their 4.26 -> UE5 pipeline that the forward compatibility from the beta to the release version will be fairly robust). I think our guidance on Engines would generally to be to always stick to stable release versions in most situations.

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I am having problems with the latest SDK  compiling into any version of UE from 4.24 - 5EA2 . I create a new project in all engines and then drop in the plugins folder to the project folder, restart the engine and it tells me to rebuild. I do and its then gives me this error. I try no rebuilding and it still crashes.  Does any one have a link to the older SDK files?SRSDKError2.jpg.877cd9c725f4f671cdd9c0ada354bfd3.jpgSRSDKError.jpg.eb4cdfc8beb30fd8a6b32bdee949d008.jpg

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