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Losing hip tracking without any reason apparently

Cookiee UwU

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Hiii, so my setup is a Oculus Quest 1 with 2 base stations 1.0 and 3 trackers 2.0.

So after I got my second base station it's ocurren a weird issue with my hip tracker, it suddenly goes away and returns back to the position, but this only happens when I have both base stations turn on. 

I tested everything that I could imagine, change bases places to each other, change tracker position, whatever tracker that I put on my hip that happens. I reinstalled steam vr and others vr programs. Tried to play in the dark. Covered everything reflective. And today I connected the bases station with a cable to sync them. And for the trackers, I tested in all usb of my computer, and I even bought an pci-express card with more usb 3.0.

Nothing seens to change. The only one is when I turn only one of my bases, when I do that the tracking works fine, did that with both bases. When I'm using only one base it works fine, but I lose the freedom that 2 bases can give.

I would like to know if anyone knows what that can be, and how can I solve it.

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