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Hangry Bunnies from Mars

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: Hangry Bunnies from Mars


Studio229’s wave-based defender game overflows with cuteness and frantic gunplay.


By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



Despite all the horror games that I’ve played in virtual reality, Studio229’s wave-based defender, Hangry Bunnies from Mars, is by far one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in virtual reality. Of course, the game’s also extremely cute, and offers some fast-paced and frantic gunplay that’s easy to get lost in, which quickly made me fall in love with it.


As a clone, you’re tasked with defending the world from an invasion of bunnies. Being from Mars, these bunnies aren’t your typical run of the mill “cute and cuddly” critters. Sure, they might look that way for a moment, but give them the chance and they quickly turn into rabid, terrifying creatures that swarm towards you, threatening to overpower you at every turn.


You don’t move much in this game, aside from aiming down the different paths that the enemies can follow. Furthermore, there’s no teleportation system or anything like that to worry about, which makes it even easier to get lost in the action of taking down horde after horde of enemies. Speaking of killing, along the way you’ll unlock upgrades for your weapons. This allows to activate things like power-ups and other abilities, and makes it easier to defend against enemies.



After every couple of waves, the game will throw a curveball at you by sending a massive enemy your way. During this time, you’ll have to juggle taking down the big guy, while also keeping the other enemies at bay. It’s a fun challenge that helps keep you on your toes, and keeps things interesting as you work to survive. The overall goal here, of course, is to live as long as you can. If you happen to die, it’s no big deal because there’s always another clone ready to join the fray.


By far, Studio229 has made a fun and addicting shooter that offers just enough silliness to keep you laughing as you play. Hangry Bunnies from Mars is definitely one I’ll be holding onto on my hard drive, as it offers a ton of replayability; not to mention it’s great for those just getting into VR thanks to its lack of locomotion and colorful graphics. Check it out.



Hangry Bunnies from Mars is available on Viveport, and in Viveport Subscription.


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