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VRobot: VR Giant Destruction Simulator

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: VRobot: VR Giant Destruction Simulator


Prepare for a smashing good time as a 100-foot-tall robot! Don’t fail. The human race is counting on you.

By Desmond Madison, Greenlit Content



Ready for a smashing good time? Break out your robo-fists and prepare to unleash chaos and destruction on the planet across 16 different cities, in your ultimate quest to save humanity from a world overrun by self-driving cars and service bots that have taken the place of people across the globe. That’s right, the premise behind this outrageous arcade action sandbox game is that you’re controlling a 100ft robot from high in the skies, smashing robo-society to make room once again for humans.


How exactly will you be smashing your way back to global dominance? Simple. You’ll be thrust into the middle of an urban area with a short timer ticking away that challenges you to destroy everything in the time limit. You’ll smash into buildings, toss them across the skies, grab airplanes mid-flight, drown boats and lob cars across town in an effort to (ahem) level the playing field. The more you progress, the more you’ll unlock a host of outrageously over the top weapons in your arsenal of ultimate devastation. There’s a tractor beam that will latch onto buildings, pluck them out of the ground and pull them to you instantaneously; a 50 foot sword that will allow you to slice and chop away at skyscrapers like butter; a tornado shooting gun that hurls whirlwinds of chaos across the streets sending objects spinning out of control; and even a Thor-like hammer that brings the thunderous power of the gods to your fingertips as you crush buildings like tin cans in one fell swoop.


The game is still being updated by the developers at Luden.io, and fans are encouraged to join the community and vote on expanding environments and weapons as more content is added to the experience. The overall light-hearted vibe and low polygon art direction of the game keep things simple and fun, and really makes for an experience that’s approachable for players of all ages. No blood, guts or gore, but plenty of robot-smashing action that promises to scratch that itch of anyone wanting to crumble buildings and just maybe get a little cathartic release along the way. Some levels even introduced boss battles against the SuperRobot 3000, and you’ll get a huge kick out of going toe to toe with robots your size.



Overall, VRobot: VR Giant Destruction Simulator makes right on the promise of its own name. Its vibrant style and sense of humor will keep you laughing, and others laughing at you, while you stomp and slash around your room wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting robo-residents within each city. There isn’t much more of a plot or a story to keep things interesting beyond the action, but players will want to challenge each other for high scores in their total annihilation and should look forward to a smashing good time that keeps things fun and fast-paced.


If games like Rampage and War of the Monsters have a fond place in your gaming memories of yesteryear, give VRobot a chance to let your live out their spirit in VR for a highly entertaining experience that you won’t want to miss.


VRobot: VR Giant Robot Destruction Simulator is available on Viveport and in Viveport Subscription.


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