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Tilt Brush VR

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Viveport Review: Tilt Brush VR


Google’s 3D art suite makes it easy to draw, create, and inspire others in virtual reality.



By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content


When Google first announced Tilt Brush, fans of virtual reality were wowed by the simplicity and intuitiveness that the program brought to the table when it came to creating works of art in a full 3D environment. Now, two years after Tilt Brush launched with the HTC VIVE, the program still continues to be one of the strongest contenders in the art and creativity category, offering a simple experience that is leagues above almost every other one on the market.


I am not an artist. I will be clear about that right up front. (The screenshots here are courtesy of Google!) I’ve dabbled with some different applications, as well as with some art stuff back in high school, but for the most part I stick to writing. There’s something about Tilt Brush, though, that makes it less foreboding to dive into creating things. Maybe it’s the lack of any real, tangible medium to have to worry about making messes in, or just the overall simplicity with which you can create and manage things. Either way, the program works great for those without any artistic skill at all, which makes for a huge positive compared to many of the more complex applications out there in this area of virtual reality.


Part of what makes Tilt Brush so simple to use is its extremely well-crafted interface. The user interface is a huge part of any creative application’s appeal and Google has crafted one of the best in the creative market as far as I’m concerned. It’s easy to swap between your tools, to interact with your art work, and to move things around on the canvas—which just happens to be the entire room around you thanks to full, room-scale virtual reality.


If you’re looking for a great way to draw or paint in virtual reality, then Tilt Brush is definitely an application you should check out. I can’t think of any complaints I have about the application, though there are a few things that serious artists should probably think about before picking it up. While it has a suite of useful tools and gadgets, Tilt Brush doesn’t offer the same focus and depth that some more professional-based applications offer. So, if you’re looking to use Tilt Brush for your daily work grind, then you might find it lacks some of the features that you require.



Altogether, though, Tilt Brush is one of the best creative applications available and it has stood the test of time very well. If drawing is your thing—or even if it isn’t—then Tilt Brush has something to offer.


Tilt Brush VR is available on Viveport or with a Viveport Subscription.


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