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The Body VR

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: The Body VR


A fully immersive exploration of the human body at a cellular level, gain a first-hand lesson in biology from within the bloodstream through the power of virtual reality. The future of education is here!


By Desmond Madison, Greenlit Content



Shrunken down in a travel pod and injected straight into a human artery, The Body VR is like going on a Magic School Bus tour of human biology as narrated by a suspiciously Michael Caine-like tour guide. The experience gives you an incredible and memorable journey though the bloodstream to discover how blood cells work while spreading life-giving oxygen throughout the human body. As the experience continues, you also enter into one of the billions of cells living inside our bodies to see first-hand how organelles manage to fight deadly viruses.


As the tour marches onward, you’ll be introduced to all of the microbiological and molecular components of life with holographic diagrams presented in front of you for an up close and personal reference of how each component is shaped and composed. A small library of reference models accumulates in your pod and you can easily hold and manifest things like DNA proteins and microfilaments, to observe the shapes of the building blocks of life in ways previously impossible without the immersive presentation of virtual reality.


The most fascinating thing about this roughly 15-minute experience is how much educational value and impact it seems to have in such a short matter of time. One may remember sitting in class through grade school reading about biology in a dusty old text book, but how many of those details are actually retained? This field trip inside the body manages to educate and fascinate in a way that simply wasn’t possible before this technology existed, and it’s the kind of experience that everyone should try.


Experiences like this have the potential to replace entire education course methods that can’t compare to feeling this up close and personal with the subject matter itself. Where else can you shrink down to the size of a virus and watch a cloud of anti-bodies surround a cell as they protect it from an incoming attack? The Body VR impresses with its educational power and delights with its incredible animations of everything from Kinesin motor proteins walking along microtubules, to the scale of mitochondria and how it all relates to the size of a cell.


It’s rare to see a piece of content be so incredibly attractive to teachers, students, doctors and gamers all at once. A true testament to the future of education, there’s never quite been anything like The Body VR that can deliver such a rich learning experience without putting anyone to sleep. It’s an experience that goes deeper and deeper into the wonderland of the cellular biology within us all, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to learn about how DNA is converted into RNA. Distributed completely for free, don’t pass up the opportunity for a world class education at no extra cost.



 The Body VR is available on Viveport.


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