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Witching Tower

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: Witching Tower


Step into a magic-filled adventure full of twists, turns, and puzzles galore.



By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content


I absolutely love games that make you think, especially when they come in the form of old-school dungeon crawlers. Right from the start, Witching Tower does its best to build up a narrative that’s sure to entice players to want to explore the dark and magical world that Daily Magic Productions has created. Join Anna, a fugitive of the magical world, as she sets out on a quest to escape her Tower and defeat the Queen of the Undead.


Many of the VR dungeon crawlers rely too heavily on combat to help keep them interesting, and while combat plays a large part in Witching Tower, the puzzles that you come across also provide a welcome challenge that rewards you for thinking with more than just your sword or torch. For me, dungeon crawlers have always been about more than just fighting endless waves of monsters, and Witching Tower does a really good job of bringing puzzles and mystery back to the forefront.


While the developers have done a great job of creating a grand dungeon crawler in Witching Tower, the game falls into one of the same pitfalls that many other dungeon crawlers do. While the narrative starts out strong—promising a lore-filled journey as you fight to escape the Tower that the Queen of the Undead has placed you in—the story putters out quickly as you move from puzzle to puzzle, fighting enemies along the way. There are moments where the story pops up once more, but it’s just enough to entice players to continue forward with the promise that more lore awaits around the next bend in the path.


Unfortunately, the promises of a great narrative are never really met, and the story ends with even more enticement as the game comes to a close. Now for many, this might not be a big issue, but as someone who enjoys diving into expert-crafted lore and the deep inner workings of the different worlds that we can explore, I found myself a bit disappointed that we didn’t see more out of the narrative. It was an entertaining enough story, which meant the developers had more than enough to work with to create an immersive, enjoyable and story-driven experience.


Aside from this downfall, though, everything else about Witching Tower is excellent. The combat feels on point as you swing your sword and strike down your enemies. The visuals are also excellent, even though they have a more cartoony appeal. Movement is smooth, and the overall performance of the game is outstanding as well. It is a well put-together experience that’s sure to give you several hours of good fun.



Altogether, Witching Tower is an excellent dungeon crawler experience that’s got plenty to offer players looking for a fun, action-packed fantasy world to explore. Just don’t come into things expecting a deeper narrative and you’ll find more than enough enjoyment here to justify the download.



Witching Tower is available on Viveport or with a Viveport subscription


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