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  1. Hi @LezT Since SteamVR doesn't really support nature hand tracking, so what you see in the SteamVR grid space is actually virtual controllers emulated from nature hand tracking by VBS. VBS did take the wrist joint as the center of virtual controller, so you see the offset. VBS also did a rotation as you discovered. The purpose is to support those SteamVR contents which will draw hand model based on controller. As long as the content takes hand poses to render hand model (OpenVR hand skeleton or OpenXR hand tracking), such as The Lab and SteamVR Home, the hand should works well. We have plan to improve the virtual controller orientation with hand tracking, but currently not in priority.
  2. Hi @stez VBS 1.14.6a just come to Beta. Controller thumb rest is now supported. Enjoy.
  3. Hi, For OpenXR contents to call MBLS API, we now provide VBS PC SDK for this purpose to get rid of OpenVR.Debug.DriverDebugRequest(). Sorry that some documents are not yet updated. Please check here for VBS PC SDK.
  4. Hi Stez, I would separate to two comments as below. 1. By default, VBS enables controller compatibility mode to report Focus 3 controller as Cosmos controller to SteamVR. You can disable controller compatibility mode in VBS Console, then you will see vive_focus3_controller. However, both modes will fallback to Touch controller according to SteamVR setup. For content compatibility, I will suggest to support more controller types. 2. Thumb rest is not supported by VBS currently.
  5. @Cdelphi78 So, your PC -installed library is empty? Or, just some apps are missing? If this is the case, usually that is something wrong while VIVE Streaming Hub server querying SteamVR library. Can you see your apps in library of PC Steam client? Restart VIVE Streaming Hub and all SteamVR processes could recover, or simply reboot the PC. If still no luck, you can report issue to upload logs by VIVE Streaming Hub Console for VIVE support team to check.
  6. Hi Chris, Please refer to the sample here: https://business.vive.com/us/support/vive-lbss/category_howto/marker-based-scene-alignment-apis-(pc-vr).html There is also an alternative path to do Marker-based scene alignment via VIVE Streaming PC SDK.
  7. Hi, To view and launch PC contents from headset library, you need to pair with your computer first then switch to PC library by the toggle at the top-right corner of Launcher. Here is the video tutorial and support page for your reference. https://www.vive.com/us/support/vs/
  8. Hi, We are not able to reproduce this issue here. Might need your support to clarify below two things. 1. Since you are using OpenXR, will you try with UE5 to see if still see this issue? 2. please ensure to disable other headset plugin, since you are testing with difference headsets. Might need to pay attention to use the correct plugin for different headset. Looking forward to more information. Thanks.
  9. Hi @ChrisMa130, same PC? Could you help to check if USB streaming work smooth with XR Elite?
  10. thanks for the information, @bobadiscombobulated. We will identify UE editor for inverted ALAPH handling in coming Beta update.
  11. Hi @Yoirgl The "bleed" you saw is due to ATW when VBS passthrough mode enabled. In this condition, system will assume the background is passthrough, therefore the original black edge due to ATW will be filled with passthrough. Makes sense to you? We also support OpenXR HTC passthrough extension, so it can dynamically enable/disable passthrough mode by content.
  12. @bobadiscombobulated In VBS 1.13.2, we identity if current running content is built by UE and do inverted ALPHA handling if yes. However, I am wondering if the identification failed in your case. Did you run in UE Editor? Currently, VBS checks the content files structure for UE identification.
  13. Hi there, We figure out the root cause of incorrect passthrough with UE contents. It is due to the ALPHA value is inverted from UE. We will have solution to identify UE content and correct the ALPHA value accordingly in coming VBS release.
  14. depth occlusion is not supported, since currently VBS does not provide scene depth information.
  15. Correct. VIVE Focus 3 supports OpenXR apps by default. For the accessories on Focus 3, that will need extensions support from SteamVR itself or from additional API layers provided via VBS. For example, eye and facial tracking extension support are done via OpenXR API layer from VBS; while VIVE Focus 3 controller profile and VIVE Tracker (when you emulate VIVE Wrist Tracker as VIVE Tracker) extensions support are from SteamVR.
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