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  1. 2. Yes, I confirm the map was saved successfully and everything went exactly as shown in the tutorial. However the MBSA just isn't happening using VBS SDK.
  2. 2. I followed the steps 100% and the scene alignment is still not happening. Have you personally tested if Scene Alignment works with VBS SDK? 3. I may need to reset the Anchor when using VO Location Sharing.
  3. Like the topic says, this option is totally broken, because wrist tracker is always recognized as wrist tracker in STEAMVR, no matter whether this option is on or off.
  4. I can't get it to work either. There is no Vive Tracker profile in Vive OpenXR. When is the new version coming? There is no Vive Tracker profile in Vive OpenXR. Have you guys even tried using it yourself?
  5. Thank you for this update, I was able to use VBS PC SDK to get this to work, but I have a few questions (I am using Unity 2023.2.8f1): 1. Does the headset need to scan the markers when running my program for Scene Alignment to work? (I am talking about "PLAYER00StartScan" command) It seems that the scanning feature was used only for MB Location Sharing. For Scene Alignment, it seems that ArCuo Code was done at the map creation phase, and the code can be removed after map is created and calibrated with the ArCuo Code. All I need to do is just to push the "PLAYER00InitMA" command with the corresponding marker settings, correct? 2. In the MBSA tutorials posted on Vive website, the setting that issent via WVRGetParameters ends with "size". However, when I created the markers_list.json via ArCuo code generator, my markers_list.json include these "pose" (position, and rotation) data. Should I include them in my code when I push them via VS_WVRGetParameters? or is it simply something that needs to be included for calibrating the map on the mobile App only, and must be removed in the code when using WVRGetParameters? 3. I could never reset the Scene Alignment or Location Sharing, because I don't believe WVRSetParameters work(GetParameters does work) when using VBS PC SDK. Any guides on that? 4. Is there any tutorial as to how VS_SetCallBackFunction work when using it in Unity? I did get it to work, but the content is incomprehensible. Thank you!
  6. I have the same problem, and I am running pure Wifi 6E mode 80Hz only with NetGear RAXE500. Even when connected to one XR Elite, the streaming would stutter at 100Mbps bitrate with constantly loading and buffering whereas It's totally fine with even 200Mbps on Focus 3. My Pc Specs is AMD 7950x with Nvidia RTX 4080.
  7. I have the same problem with XR Elite as well, and the Vive Team just straight up denies this problem.
  8. The link you provided doesn't work.
  9. But will any of these features work on PCVR???
  10. Were you able to resolve this? My Focus 3 is not responding to Any markers. I can't even tell if it is scanning.
  11. I am using Unity and doing PCVR streaming and I followed exactly the instructions provided on the official website. I loaded the marker file on creating the map and also I made sure I loaded the marker file with Native VS SDK ( ), because the instruction on the official website which is outdated and wants us to use OpenVR to load the marker file does not work with latest OpenXR. I can see that the Native SDK returns 0 which means that the API loaded the file successfully, however the scene is just not aligning whatsoever.
  12. @Alex_HTCWhy are you guys staying completely silent about this issue? David emailed me and said you are supposed to gather logs from me yet you just ignored me??? We purchased three xr elites and they are completely useless right now. Is this how you guys treat your customers?
  13. Is there an estimated time when this will be fixed? Right now Wrist Tracker is completely unusable and it's affect us badly.
  14. @Alex_HTCany update? We have to end up switch back to Focus 3 because XR Elite is completely unusable. It was happening to one of the headset with one of the computers though. However, using the exact same computer with Focus 3 is completely fine.
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