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  1. >Yes, these APIs are supported on Focus 3 from Wave 4.x series. On UE4.26.2 this example didn't work for us. Can you confirm Error LNK2019 unresolved external symbol WVR_ShowPassthroughUnderlay referenced in function "public: virtual enum WVR_Result __cdecl FWaveVRAPIWrapper::ShowPassthroughUnderlay(bool)" (?ShowPassthroughUnderlay@FWaveVRAPIWrapper@@UEAA?AW4WVR_Result@@_N@Z) from adding the following function to WaveVRAPIWrapper.h Noting that WaveVRAPIWrapper is also using functions from the same Library (wvr_system.h) /* Passthrough */ virtual WVR_Result ShowPassthroughUnderlay(bool show) { return WVR_ShowPassthroughUnderlay(show); }
  2. Are you planning to support Vive Flow with Unreal properly? With Direct Preview UE4.26.2 / Wave SDK 4.3.0-r5.1 , tracking of the HMD works with USB cable but with WIFI connection always goes to timeout. Neither Wifi or USB connect shows image on HMD. It would be useful if Android Phone Controller input could be used in DP mode
  3. Vive Business Streaming works pretty well on Focus 3. It would be good if Flow was supported.
  4. I don't think there's any support for UE 4.27 yet. I was able to run an APK on Flow with a 4.26.2 build with the 4.26 Wave SDK plugin.
  5. > Yes, these APIs are supported on Focus 3 from Wave 4.x series. Thanks Tony! Would you have an Unreal Engine example?
  6. >Due to privacy policy, we do not offer ways to access the raw camera images, but here’re some examples on how to use our existing WAVE Passthrough Underlay/Overlay APIs. Are these APis supported on Focus 3? @Tony PH Lin
  7. HTC reps in Aus told me last week that beta UE4.27 support may be coming this month. Has any UE devs here confirm that the current UE4.26 support for Focus 3 is good enough to ship with? Vive folks, it would be good to see some more docs for UE development. Including a sample project known to work. @Marc Moukarzel
  8. >You can use "Simulator" as search key word on documentation. I did try that and found no relevant results. Is there any documentation on the Simulator you can point me at?
  9. Installed SImulator APK onto Focus but how do you use it? A yellow plane appears in Focus with text when you run it but no instructions for use. Any documentation? Doesn’t respond to app quit comment (10secs HOME button press)
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