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  1. Confirmed I'm able to access all npm-registry.vive.com packages
  2. The NPM server is still down, can you please provide a separate link from which to manually download the Vive Wave Unity XR plugin, native plugin and essence plugin? @Tony PH Lin @JustinVive
  3. @Dario our main concern is limiting the coding rework when targeting Wave vs Oculus and potentially others, so we're trying to limit as much as possible any WAVE specific code....obviously there is inevitably rework between devices/platforms, but I was wondering if there is a list somewhere that clearly enumerates the specific assets, scripts, etc deployed by the Essence plugin
  4. If you need beta developers for OpenXR + Vive Focus/Focus Plus please contact us asap! We're also working on the NVIDIA XR Cloud SDK for Vive Focus Plus and would be very interested in developing on OpenXR for unity instead of Unity XR plugins as is the current strategy https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/zh-cn/UnityXR/UnityXRPackages.html
  5. Oculus, Valve, Microsoft, Unity and Unreal are all moving towards the Khronos Group standard of OpenXR (not to be confused with Valve's API for SteamVR called OpenVR). We are in the middle of a big decision on where to take our 3 year old OG focus wave sdk for unity based VR apps for the Focus. Staying pat on legacy wave sdk for unity is a bad option as it will be deprecated, moving to one of the 3 plugin options for Wave SDK for  Unity XR will also require us to rework our code again when they port to OpenXR. I realize there is no rework free path, but what is Vive's plan for OpenXR when it comes to your Wave SDK for Unity developers (not referring to Cosmos as I've seen @Dario's posts in the other Vive Cosmos centric forums). Thoughts? Guidance? Looking for an alpha preview guinea pig? https://uploadvr.com/microsoft-openxr-unity/ https://developer.oculus.com/blog/openxr-for-oculus/?locale=en_US https://uploadvr.com/valve-openxr-steamvr-beta/#:~:text=“With OpenXR%2C for the first,a statement from Valve explains.&text=“SteamVR's OpenXR implementation supports D3D11,on both Windows and Linux. https://venturebeat.com/2020/10/23/unity-promises-initial-openxr-platform-support-by-the-end-of-2020/
  6. Back in release 2.1.8 we were told to make sure to handle BOTH the new Alias1_Trigger and Alias1_Digital_Trigger in our code. In Wave SDK 3.1.6 the new WaveVR_Button List was introduced but for some reason the DigitalTrigger is commented out. Our app needs to run on BOTH focus and focus plus. Can someone help us figure out what buttons map to which enum values as of 3.1.6 See the Assets\WaveVR\Scripts\WaveVR_ButtonList from the latest unitypackage for Wave SDK 3.1.16: @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
  7. @VibrantNebula @JustinVive @Dario and team. It would be really great if your could publish a Best Practices Guide on Player/Build/Preferences settings in Unity. It would be VERY helpful understanding how WAVE SDK changes might be impacted by the version of unity you might be running. For instance, having a better understanding of how Unity 2019.x player settings impact the performance of our Wave VR 3.1.6 SDK based app on a Vive Focus/Plus would be EXTREMELY helpful...THoughts? Here's ours if its helpful. We are running Unity 2019.3.6f1 + Wave SDK 3.1.6 and we develop for BOTH Vive focus and vive focus using latest build of Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise as our editor. @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
  8. @JustinVive, is it recommended that we import upgrades one at a time or can we upgrade our app from 2.0.37 to 3.0.2? What is the recommendation?
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