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  1. Thats what I thought too. 1 is 1 m. But it isnt. Because it is not the global 1m it is the 1 of the scale of the specific object. I would like to have that an object with 1.5 as scale has the same scale as another object with 1.5 @Daniel_Y
  2. Hello, when I Import fbx objects from blender to Unity with fbx Units scale. They appear so much bigger then they should. Is it a Problem of the Settings of my srworks camera or what can I do? I want them to be in a normal size.
  3. Ok it works for the camera part, but the rendered objects in my Scene which are virtual didnt Change. I dont know how to fix this and for me its just important to post process the virtual part. @Daniel_Y
  4. No thats not what I mean. https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/essentials/post-processing-stack-83912 I want to use this. But I dont know if it could be a Problem because of the live Images of the world to use it. And I dont knw where I should put the filter on. @Daniel_Y
  5. Is it possible to use steamvr and SRWorks with post processing? On which camera do I have to put it? On both eyes? Thanks for your help.
  6. Hello, i want to make a Scene with the combination of AR and VR. SRworks works fine for me but I have the Problem that I cant place the virtual objects in the Right Location of the real world. Ist hard to find the Right coordinates and I have the Feeling that the Unity Scene and ist Location Change sometime randomly and moves out of place. For example I would like to replace a real wall with a virtual wall to have a smooth Transition between the Worlds. or the Ground should be where the real Ground is. Can someone help me? @Daniel_Y @reneeclchen
  7. Thanks It works. I managed to make it run by myself. works fine. thanks for your help 🙂
  8. I try to use SRWorks with the Hand Tracking but it doesnt work out. The Hands doesnt Show up. Has someone ever used it? Thank you 🙂
  9. Hello, i use the beta Version of SRWorks. Everthing works fine, but I need some more information about the use of depth Image occlusion. How can i use the depth mask/Image? Can I use my own filter on it? How can I stabilize the depth Interpretation? Actually it flickers really strong. Thanks for your help. @Daniel_Y @reneeclchen
  10. I found a solution for this. When you import the srworks asset you just uncheck the openvr plugin while importing it. It works fine. First steamvr then srworks...
  11. Thanks for your answer. I tried this but then can't go into the vitual world. The headcollision doesn't work properly. I run through the portal and stay in the real world. The collision manager tells me that I am in transition but I dont switch the camera to vr. Can you help me? @reneeclchen
  12. Hello, can someone tell me how to make a portal at a fixed position in a room? actually the demo just let me use the controller to make a new portal. but I need it at the same position all the time. thanks for your help. @Daniel_Y
  13. I managed to change the shape. But the problem is that when I try to enter the portal, the portal disappear. The checkmark of the camera is changing to "in transition" but not to " is in virtual world". Can someone help me?
  14. Hey, I'm using the beta version. And everything is working fine with my RTX 2080 TI and the newest steamvr and unity 2019.3.0a7. The only problem was openvr. But I unchecked it during the import of the srworks unity plugin, that solved the problem. Now I want to use the portal to combine vr and the real world, but I want to use a door or a wall with a door as an entrance. Can someone tell me what do I have to change and where? Thanks. @Daniel_Y
  15. Hi, I'm interested too. It would be nice if you could add me. Thanks.
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