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  1. Has anyone successfully installed MobileIron MDM on Focus 3 and used it yet? We tried to install the MDM app following Focus 3's batch configuration process, but in the end we can't find any MDM Setup option in Advanced Settings. We do see that the app is installed when we check storage in settings, as shown in the attached image. But there is no MDM Setup option in Advanced Setting menu.
  2. We are trying update Focus 3 using the MDM. However the update status has been stuck at "Waiting" after we requested update on the device. The device is on and connected to the public internet. Has anyone run into this issue before?
  3. Hi all, What are all outbound requests (both destination IP/DNS and ports) from the Focus 3 devices in order for it to function properly? We need this answer for both the consumer app setup method and batch config setup processes.
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know what is the time server that Focus 3 uses to synchronize network time? We are trying to whitelist the time server for a private network.
  5. Hi all, What is the best practice in updating an Focus 3 enterprise app that is installed through batch configuration? We want to avoid asking our enterprise users to create personal Vive accounts, but it is looking like a Vive account is required to update Focus 3 from store. Installing the updated app by going through the batch configuration process again seems to be the only way to install an app update without using Vive accounts, but this is not scalable. Is there an viable alternative to update Focus 3 enterprise app without using a Vive account?
  6. Hi all, Does Focus 3 currently support beta testing? It looks like beta build submission is only available when I select VIVEPORT Store (One-Time Purchase) for opt-in program, but this will set the distribution channel of the app as Home instead of Enterprise. After some troubleshooting, I just can't get our beta app to show up in the Focus 3 store. I'm guessing Focus 3 doesn't support beta testing yet?
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