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  1. @tedw4rd We checked the logs in the backend and it appears that this error is due to the app has been signed with different key. Please kindly signed this app again with same key that used previously and re-upload. If this app cannot be signed again with same key, please kindly help to deleted this existing app (with error) and upload the new version app again. Thank you and sorry for your inconvenience. Ken
  2. @Aymeric @Cg The patch for fixing recent data field setting changed is done now, please kindly give it a try and see if you're able to upload your content.Thank you! @Cg Regarding your case, the behavior seems to be different, can you kindly expand the [ERROR] message and screenshot for more information for investigation? Thank you!
  3. @Aymeric This issue is caused due to the recent data field setting changed on our backend system, we're working on the patch now and expect to release by tomorrow. We're very sorry for your inconvenience and will keep you posted on this. @Cg Regarding your case, the behavior seems to be different, can you kindly expand the [ERROR] message and screenshot for more information for investigation? Thank you!
  4. @Danila24ru Is it possible that you can send the logs for the first two devices you mentioned? Please send to my email: [redacted & PM'ed by moderator] It would be a great help for our team. Thank you!
  5. @Fangh @VRC @HugoPolymorph @Danila24ru We're working on reproducing this issue and work out viable solution ASAP. At the meantime, is it possible that you can check if any of your issue devices' usb debugging function is enable for getting more detail log to speed up our analysis? Please try using this command to get the log from issue device adb logcat -b main -v time > logcat.txt Also, the detail version info can get with adb shell getprop > prop.txt It would be a big help to push the solution for this issue, thank you!
  6. @Clemdur Got it and thanks! Please kindly let me know if you have any further question or anything I can help here. Thank you!
  7. @Clemdur May I know how many user account number do you need for your use case? I can check if I can increase your user account number as part of our service. Thank you!
  8. @Clemdur Currently the cache will expire in 14 days (fixed length in current design) For the enterprise use case, once you un-assign the title to this user, or remove user from the organization, this user will lose access to the title after the cache expired.
  9. @Clemdur Hi there, From your description, it seems "remove user assignment to the app or even delete user from the enterprise but he/she can still launch the app with DRM" is related to the DRM expiration, which the user's DRM token might not be expired yet.
  10. Hi @NPace17 , Ken from VIVE Enterprise team! The function and positioning are different between Kiosk Mode and VIVE Enterprise Content platform. Kiosk Mode: Restrict HMD user to selected content on HMD. Enterprise Content Platform: Company can upload content to cloud and assign to user, and user can login Focus/Focus Plus and download assigned content from cloud. (don't need to installed through cable/SD card) Therefore, for your use case, it would be more efficient to use both! You can upload the content on VIVE Enterprise Content platform and login on the HMD to download the content and setup the Kiosk mode after. Please refer to the how-to article and user manual here https://service.viveport.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027716511-Enterprise-Content-Platform-User-Manual (It covers how to use content platform, download content on HMD and start Kiosk mode) Thank you! Ken
  11. @henrikvrtraveler May we understand user's flow and steps regarding how they change the brightness? Also, it would be helpful if we can have the screenshot for where he see this setting. Thank you!
  12. @Elio961 Also, based on the description, we cannot identify if you encounter the difficulty when building the sample or installing the build onto the HMD. It would be helpful if you can also provide this info (and screenshot if possible). Thank you!
  13. @Elio961 Hi there, I'm Ken from Enterprise team. Regarding sideload the apps to HMD, may I know your steps for build this example to the HMD? For the testing purpose, we suggest to use Android debug bridges for sideload. For enterprise use (i.e. installed apps and use in Kiosk mode), we would suggest to use Kiosk COTA feature to install.
  14. @henrikvrtraveler Hi there, I'm Ken from Enterprise product team. As our Kiosk mode design, we would like to keep the end user inside the well-controlled environment which the device owner want them to see, without giving too much setting options to them. Therefore the brightness, which is not a setting that user need to change regularly, is not available for the configuration inside Kiosk mode. Can you elaborate more for the use case for why and in what scenario will need to adjust the brightness inside Kiosk mode? Thank you! Ken
  15. @VRC Regarding disabling the invisible walls function, currently cannot be enabled/disabled in ap manifest as pairing UI does as you stated before. We had our internal discussion for other approach to help you disable the virtual wall settings for these 100 HMDs, but the viable way would required function verification/building service apps/testing and can not fulfill your schedule requirement. On the other hand, this settings can be configured via Settings >> More Settings >> Headset & Space >> Safety virtual wall. Therefore, as the timely fix to your requirement, we would suggest to manually modify this setting when you waer the HMD to check in COTA config is correct in your workflow: 1. Use kiosk COTA to configure the device 2. Check if the HMD Kiosk COTA is configured correctly --> When do the configuration checking on HMD, manual disable the virtual wall via Settings >> More Settings >> Headset & Space >> Safety virtual wall. We sorry for your inconvenience for the manually config before next SU release, and please let me know if you have any further question or any thing we can help here, thank you!
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