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  1. I never played eve online..xD - is it even VR compatible? I gave valkyrie a shot but im not so much into pvp only...elite:dangerous on the other hand was quite impressive and fun - but i found myself having to look things up on the web too much as a newbie and that was too annoying with a headset without a way to flip the display up (i wear glasses). So i put it aside for a while...but now the cosmos wil be my go-to device for these cases. But regarding the topic and my argumentation - i bought the cosmos becasue i expected it to be a better version of what i used my odyssey+ for...and even quite good for use-casses where i have to switch between VR and the "Real world" regularly - like my case with elite or development. But now i feel like the device is ONLY usable for this. Anything involving the controllers is so frustrating if you ever had the experience with a different device that i dont see how i will be able to completely replace my odyssey with the cosmos. Fast movements, re-detecting the controllers when the leave the tracked field and return in sensor-range...the precision...i dont get, how this can still be so far away from standards of other devices now close to a year old. I can imagine resaons like Phr00t brought up - in my post i already assumed that there will be a limit with the current hardware - and i get more and more the impression that the best result will still be worse than what i assumed as the "minimum" based on my experience with other devices. And i cant get over the fact that this was pretty obvious to HTC before they published it. Go back and read the reviews...they were wondering why on the tests no beat sabre was available - some magazines even didnt want to publish their review because the tracking was so sub-par. I had expectations that HTC will be able to improve this and that just marketing and/or business had the last call on the release date. But the longer this situation continues i come to the point that i will assume that the cosmos will never get to the level of tracking of other devices that cost less than half the price. I still have use-cases for it, so i'm keeping it. But i cannot help not to feel like that in this case there were some "communication gaps" if you want to call it like that. VR is still not settled and i tried out every platform the market has. I didnt like oculus for some reasons and i felt like WMR has been very "silent" in the last time, the cosmos looked like everything i want in a VR-headset...so i gave HTC a shot - but this ...;) in the end - its just something their engineers can fix. And i still have the opinion that the cosmos should never have shipped in this condition. But we will see what the future brings...;)
  2. I would guess that most of the people here come from the engineering field...;) - and while what you say is true to a certain point when i compare the comos state of release with other headsets at the point of their release it becomes obvious that there is a difference in what we seem to consider "prone to issues"... i just gave it another shot with the new firmware - beat sabre, pistol whip, audioshield, ...whatever you want - while beeing a lot better since when it came out it is a hell of frustration if you have ever played on a different headset...i moved 3 new lights to my playroom to get the "too dark" thing gone, but the tracking is not even close to my odyssey+ (which i have a lot to complain about - no question)...but the tracking worked from the beginning - same goes for the oculus quest...again - we seem to have a different opinion on "works fine" it seems - or you dont have experience with other devices...i dont know... I for myself decided to keep my cosmos for seated gaming and development - for me its the most comfortable device i have tried so far and also the visual quality is completely on point for my personal standards...but the tracking and the controllers are still in the category 'useless' from my point of view and experience...I still have hope for the next updates but realisticly i think if they didnt get it to work till now it seems to require a hardware update...so speaking for myself - currently i think this was my first and last HTC device - its ok for flight simulations (or stuff like elite, eve, ...) or development but a bit too expensive for that... And from a customer point of view i myself would appreciate if (but this goes for any VR brand on the market) HTC would focus more on the hardware development and not on having another seperate store on the market...i myself feel like the most (or too much) effort during development was put into having other place to sell software on than on putting together a working device. I myself dont care about any store where my money is wasted the moment i get another device - but maybe others do...i dont see the customer benefit in that....while i would see it in a working tracking on the cosmos....;)
  3. I understood the same - but it felt like it was impossible to get the right circumstances here. And as i Told - i own (and have access) to a large variety of other devices and none seem to have (had! - more about that in a moment) any comparable problems. Even playing puzzle-solving games was impossible. UPDATE: A few Minutes ago, the software offered me Beta 1.0.7. And even if i only had time to test it for a few minutes (and it is currently midday here) it was an IMMENSIVE difference. If this stays like this (or better: improves even more!) even in the evening just with my normal lights - i tip my head to your dev and engineer-team and my only complain will be - "why not like this from the beginning"? 😉 I'll report back later this weekend when i have been able to spent more time in testing - but so far it looks very promising.
  4. Thank you for your answer - i will wait for that. Because as i told - from wearing comfort and the crontrollers and everything i am very happy with the device. Its just that the main part is currently simply "not working" for me (and i believe for the thread starter as well - i dont wanna hijack his thread). Its not "a "small update" that is needed from my point of view...its currently completely useless (as Patrick said - 'unplayable') and thus very frustrating. After boxing the comsmos again i just tried my old headset - even without light the tracking is working - i need to turn on my deksk-lamp to not make it sometimes recalibrate the floor but the controllers are always fine (i somehow have the imagination they rely more on the motion sensors - but dunno). But the cosmos is a completely different thing. If you can fix that on that level - kudos to you and our devs and engineers! But i am afraid, that i stay very sceptical 😞 I would hate to have to send it back but i will at least wait for the next update...
  5. I completel agree. my Room is lit like daylight - the software tells me "too dark" - i turn on my projector - the walls in my room become like shining and i can just finish the room setup. I own multiple VR-headsets with inside-out tracking - NONE of them has issues under these conditions. I play beatsabre on expert+ with no problems on them. With the cosmos? good luck beating the easiest difficulty. The device itself is wonderful in comparison. Good fit, best quality - i would love not to have to send it back. But the tracking is like non-existent - every move is delayed, your hands are warping around. I had expected a lot after reading the reviews but thought "i will not be the best, but i am not that picky". But this is like its not working at all. Firmware Version 1.0.5.
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