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  1. As stated, i have to hold my arms straight out Infront of me for it to work, if I have them done they drift and takes a second or 2 before it registers em when lifting arms.....if one crosses the other one they drift, archery style games just go haywire, it's makes everything unplayable
  2. been looking for battery packs this morning, most are 5v and 3 amp or 4 max so fall under 20w. ive had more luck looking at laptop power banks and ones that will charge a ipad pro (needs 26w )....i cant recommend any cause havent tried but make sure the qc3 is on the right usb cable with the extra wattage... ill be looking into it more over next few days as my cosmos has arrived and ill be getting the wireless in a few days so ill update if i have any luck 🙂
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