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  1. I managed to fix both of my 2.0 base stations that started flashing red after trying to update the firmware via Bluetooth. This is what fixed my problem and it might work for you too if you have the same issue: 1. Unplug the base station. 2. Connect the micro-USB cable for your Vive controllers into the station and into the PC. 3. On the back of the base station is a small pinhole with a little button, use a paperclip to press it in, hold it in, and plug in the power cable. Wait for about 10-15 seconds. 4. The base station should start flashing white or blue. 5. Scan for the base station in SteamVR and apply the update. 6. If that doesn't work and your PC recognizes it as a drive named "CRP_DISABLED", make a copy of the firmware.bin that is on there and paste this one in there: https://myou.cat/tmp/firmware.bin 7. Unplug the USB and power cable and wait one minute. 8. Plug in the power cable again and it should start booting up, then apply the update through SteamVR. Let me know if this works!
  2. I managed to fix both of my base stations! This is what you do: [Removed due to inaccurate procedure which can lead to bricking the device]
  3. Are these the OG base stations or the 2.0 base station you have?
  4. I got the HTC Vive Pro today and the setup was a nightmare. As I was trying to update the firmware on the 2.0 base stations, it kept failing. When the update was on 95% for one of the base stations, it failed and the base station starting blinking red. I tried to update the second base station and it failed at 99% and it also started blinking red. What are the odds of this happening?
  5. I got the HTC Vive Pro today and the same thing happened to me, both of my base stations died while updating via Bluetooth. From what I understand, we need to contact Vive Support to request a RMA.
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