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  1. Hi, I purchased the cosmos and ended up taking it back had it for 3-4 months was a lot of up and down with the tracking sometimes it was ok others unusable. Ended up getting a vive pro was a little worried I would notice a lower image quality form the cosmos but that wasn't the case the oled's improved the colour a lot like going form norm screen to hdr and didn't notice any lower resolution, sweet spot is also an improvement for me over cosmos. Tracking with the vive pro (steam vr 2.0) is amazing even when I thought the cosmos was working fine it wasn't compared to base station tracking almost like a lag or delay on the cosmos.
  2. @stvnxu Hi, thanks for the reply but it was last straw with cosmos for me, I took it back to place of purchase and ordered a vive pro kit instead.
  3. @TomCgcmfc ok nice will defiantly give them ago then, just ordered a vive pro hopefully be here before the weekend 🙂
  4. @TomCgcmfc I think I will be happy with it too was just bit to expensive for me when I purchased the cosmos but recent price drop makes it a bit better. I will defiantly pick up some knuckles later prob just order a set from us. Only thing with gear vr lenses I heard that it increases glare a bit on them? I am prone to bad migraines so index was out due to overbrightness in display when compared to pro/cosmos.
  5. I got a full refund didn't need to take it further then store of purchase, but I do have a good relationship with local store. Really is a shame as I liked every other aspect of the headset and was even defended htc at one point when tracking was improving but 4 months of not being able to play games I want to play was enough, I will be purchasing a vive pro as replacement hopefully the display looks as nice.
  6. could always pick up a og vive second hand for controllers and stations as a budget alternative maybe.
  7. what happened? my tracking was really good 2 days ago then my headset firmware updated yesterday now completely unusable cant play beat saber at all less then 30 secs into song I loose tracking sabers drift, don't swing or just disappear for 3+ sec. It has never been this bad for me not even week one changing my lighting is making no difference nothing has changed on my pc hardware or software wise. tried beta made no difference completely unusable now thanks htc.
  8. Don't atm, I purchased cosmos first week and while it had issues with tracking it was steadily being fixed and just took bit of messing around with lights. Right now it is completely broken I have a paperweight was fine until few days ago and headset updated now beat saber is unplayable on any difficulty where as before no issues playing expert+. Its the final straw for me with no more info on steam vr tracking for it I am going to contact vive and Australian consumer affairs to see where I stand with a faulty product. @stvnxu @Synthesis @C.T.
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