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  1. To @TomCgcmfc and anyone else that has this issue. My issues were resolved and I never had to pay a single cent. The moral of the story is don't let corporations give you crap or try to gaslight you when they are at fault.
  2. @VibrantNebula Failure to properly package the device against the loads that it may be subjected to during shipping sounds like a major oversight on the part of HTC. Most shipping carriers have specifications or guidelines as to what loads your product may encounter during shipping. Also if you are losing so much money on returning devices I would hope that would motivate you to A) Design your packaging better or B) Tell Valve to build a more durable product. Either way it isn't my responsibility to fix an issue you directly or indirectly caused. Also note:The hard drive industry has been shipping hardware that spins at 5000 to 7000 RPM which is 300,000 to 420,000+ times an hour. Hard drives rarely have major defects and they spin for years.
  3. We will see what Vive says. I appreciate your help but I bought a new device and I expect it to work perfectly out of the box. If Vive is saving money on quality control they should at least be responsible for the costs associated when they ship defective devices.
  4. I am having desync and other small tracking issues. Vive support says this is a mechanical issue and that continuing to run it can lead to a premature mechanical failure of the device. Either way it is very annoying to listen to compared to the other one which is almost silent.
  5. When I was setting up my base stations one of them is vibrating quite loudly compared to the other one. This is a known issue as I have seen the other forum posts regarding this. The problem is Vive expects me to pay for shipping to their repair center for a problem they caused. What kind of customer service is this where I pay over $1,000 for a device and not only did you send me a broken device but you expect me to help pay for you to fix your mistake. This is a really terrible way to treat your customers Vive. @Synthesis
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