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  1. Well the tracking with both hands where one is in front of another still doesn't work (e.g. games that require the use of rifles)
  2. I am using the powerbank from Xiaomi, the Pro 3 (20000 mAh) and it works well.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. However, in my country I can't get the Anker Powerbank that you are referring. I was able to get the Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro (20 000 mAh) and they work very well through the type-c pd port. 1 Hour of gameplay and still plenty of battery left.
  4. Hi, Do you recommend any alternative powerbanks with higher capacity of the Cosmos? For example, will the Xtorm Rover XB302 work by using an usb-c -> usb-a cable? thank you!
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