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  1. @VibrantNebula - the following tests that i did in the previous post were on 1080. i also tried updating an old computer 1809 version to 1909 and turns out it is unable to connect using the connect app (it could work before). but it still able to connect to my samsung s10+ when the firewalls are turned off. but overall thanks for the reply ^^
  2. Hello, Newbie here. am currently trying to project on external devices (PCs only) (Windows 10) and did a sort of trial and errors. i managed to connect to computers with the in-built Connect application from Microsoft with the version of 10.0.17763.1 (Beta Release) Computers are using Version 1809, Build OS: 17763. But the other computers which is using Version 1909 Build OS: 18362 does not allow me to connect, Connect Application Version 10.0.18362.449. it prompts out the allow connection but after a few seconds it would automatically disconnect. Any fix for this? Thank you in advance 😄 @Cotta
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