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  1. No other program Running, stop all as I can, as Nii said I can make it works when I kill Console process then relaunch but for me I may need 6 to 10 times try of kill/relaunch to make it works correctly
  2. I still have the same issue that with 1.08 and 1.09.4 : VBS Console freeze some seconds after startup. Streaming working but the console is completly stuck. It make this on all my PC ... Even one a new PC with just unboxed with just Steam VR + VBS (Alienware X15 - 3080 Ti - Windows 11 Pro)
  3. I have big issue with VBS latest Version (1.08.8) I wanted to try this last beta but I was still in 1.07 so I upgrade it with the last official version 1.08.8 But as soon as I launch it, the windows of vbs stay stuck and I cannot do anything. I just have 1 or 2s available after launch to open settings wich open then I cannot do anything. I try with three different PC, reboot many time, reinstall it 10X times, update Steam VR, update Graphics Drivers, Set Nvidia Card as main GPU as I read in forum, but each time I have the same result. I also close my anti virus as I had problem with sounds and VBS previously with kapersky. But nothing... Application still stuck with no error message like all seem OK, application just doesn't to any mouse event after 1 or 2s. Same for close it I have to Kill RRConsole in task manager. I cannot even revert to a previous version or try 1.09 this Beta as I haven't the time to switch Beta update… With latest official version 1.07 I had no problem but I already have this problem with the 1.08Beta (but thought it was because it is still in beta). I’am looking or a solution or maybe I can test with 1.09 beta if I can get a direct download link ?
  4. I have the same Issue, VBConsole require Internet connection at each launch, not only once. It quite a problem for nomad use where it's not possible to have an internet connection... A solution to this would be great
  5. We need to have the same project because of the multiplayer with Unreal. It can be great if WaveSDK can identify non VR android device and disable all blocking function on such device. Like on a windows build with the same project, we don't have to disable WaveSDK
  6. We have a multiplayer application on Vive Focus Plus made with Unreal 4.22 And we want to make an application Running on a standard Android Tablet for use as spectator. But If we target non Focus android device we have crash... Is therre a way to do this ? Maybe configuring something we missed ? Thanks ! @Cotta @MariosBikos_HTC
  7. Does The wave SDK 3.1.94 is compatible with the just released Unreal 4.25 ?
  8. If we update an application on the Device Management system, is ther a way to force the update on all the headset ? It seem it need a manual update on the headset. A bit annoying when using kiosk mode ... @Ken Lee @Cotta
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