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  1. Dear HTC, We love your Vr products, but please fix this bundle issue. Why do we all have to go thru this same unclarity? Please revise your bundle so that others don't continue to jump thru the same hoops. I suggest two separate codes. Ps. Thanks for working hard to address this issue in the same regards. Doc...
  2. Stvnxu, Can you please do the same for me? I also chose the 6 month, thinking the same exact thing. I would really like to play my included game/Half - Life Alyx. I'm itching to see what this headset can really do.
  3. I'm having the same exact issue. Also, I'm not sure why they make the code redemption process so convoluted in the first place. I definitely figured Half Life in to my purchase decision. Please fix this!
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