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  1. For US customers the link you provided is not accessible. You may want to look into the pricing again in that case, as the official batteries still go for much more that what is standard for that size battery. Take example the one I listed, $35 with free shipping, lowest I have seen in EU is 54 US, but even if HTC offered it at 49 onsite, that is still the price of a 20000 MaH with Qc3 from other brands. We are all aware that HTC Vive likes to price gouge, but when batteries are easily available at a cheaper price with higher capacity it makes no sense to buy the Official battery. Speaking of the Battery itself, whoever made the design decision to size the wireless battery at 2.5 hours of playtime with controllers that last around 8 hours, should be fired. As now I am stuck buying an additional 2 batteries so that I can have one in use, one charging, and one almost or fully charged to swap them out as they die, since charging times are about the same as or longer than the use time. At the least there should have been a pass through port on the wireless adapter to allow for corded play without disassembling the headset at the very least. But even as a new Vive user it is easy to see why Vive has become known for making very poor design decisions. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the headset and I am happy with it overall, just frustrated at idiotic design choices that were made, ones that should have been very easily caught and addressed during the design process and testing, but were obviously passed over for cost savings. As much as the Vive touts itself as a High End VR headset, design choices show exactly where it stands.
  2. Strangely enough the official 21w Comos battery can be found online through many EU sites, but is not available in the US or on the HTC site itself... https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JIYWUBA/ref=ox_sc_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A294P4X9EWVXLJ Quick check of the measurements seems that it will fit in the Vive battery holder as well. Honestly was not very impressed with the 21W battery and its sticker slapped on the front, obviously a very rushed product.
  3. Why are you suggesting a laptop... Unless the OP is specifically planning on carting everything around, which I do not see mentioned by the OP, save money, get a Desktop. You will get a lot higher specs, for the same or lower cost, plus the ability to upgrade. I swear the world is full on Laptop Fan boys now that do not know any better. A laptop is for one thing, portability, you are paying a premium for it to be small, light, have a battery, and to make that battery last as long as possible. The caveat to all that is you are paying a premium for efficiently and miniaturization at the cost of performance and ever being able to upgrade it. BTW, unless you have a first gen or so Alienware, you are paying for a re-branded Dell, as Dell bought Alienware years ago to profit of the name, as they lacked a gaming laptop Rig (I laugh at the name "Gaming Laptop"). Since then it is commonly acknowledged that Dell has pretty much ruined the product by cheaping out and basically the Alienware, is now just generic laptop in a pretty casing using the cheapest parts they can and pretty much only exists still due to fanboys still buying it for the name Alienware...
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