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  1. yes, that's exactly wat im experiencing as well, and the fact u cant move to quick either will cause the tracking to lost when going over head, like in HL:A when reloading gun and putting and grabbing ammo out of backpack
  2. to bad the cosmos doesn't support the headset strap cuz this halo strap kills the bk of my head after 30min of play, its like the bk pad is squeezing the skin on bk of head as u tighten it, cant let it loose to much or the weight will cause it to sag in front, the head strap would allow u to pull hmd closer to face, hence the light coming thru the nose area 😛 only prob I have with the cosmos, everything else is groovy
  3. IMO, any update for tracking, or optimization is a plus 🙂
  4. been having problems with tracking, it ok at first start of a game, but going above head then back to front seems to stick and gets worse after an hr of play, and ive noticed you cant reach behind you to quick or it gets stuck for few sec, and a few sticks when moving controller close to other to 2 hand hold a gun lol other then that im enjoying my cosmos :)
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