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  1. Was motion compensation not working at all on NV 30xx cards, or is this some new and improved feature?
  2. The funny thing is, the changelog for this beta doesn't list any tracking updates. This is a "Tool update" for what appears to be a completely undocumented tool to attempt recalibration of the headset's cameras: ViveEyeOnTheFly. Go to your Viveport installation directory, then \VIVE\Updater\App\ViveEyeOnTheFly. Run CameraCalibrationTool.exe. If you have a 17 inch display or larger, you can do this calibration thing while holding the camera infront of your display. This is the tool that got updated in this beta release. I did this tool, and it said it completed calibration successfully. Unfortunately, I noticed absolutely no tracking improvement after doing it. My biggest issue with tracking still remains: the headset wobble which makes me nauseous.
  3. Hard to judge how much better this really is... it does feel better, but how much of that "better" feeling is the placebo effect? There still are significant issues with occlusion when moving the controllers near each other and some headset positioning wobbling (wish the headset handled small movements a little better, which is important to reducing nausea). Controllers will still have a little wobble when moving them quickly and then having them come to a stop, or just rotating the controllers in one spot in the air. This is probably the best it has ever been, though, so I'm glad your engineers were still working on this (and hope they still are).
  4. Woohoo, they haven't completely given up on us! Trying this out.
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