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  1. actually we ended up reverting to 1.10.7a as some other streaming issues were piling up, like controllers of all players suddenly unresponsive during an experience and stuttering during streaming, and it looks like we're back in a stable state now, client and steamvr versions seem to play along nicely with the older vbs host version so something was added during the course
  2. sorry, don't know, but, we did recently uncover problems with later vbs versions causing stuttering on even the best wifi connections, reverting to 1.10.7a for example got us back to a good state
  3. Can confirm with U6E performance is trash. Same with U7Pro. More than 3 headsets connected on a interference free 160mhz wide channel, unusable. Even at 20mbps bitrate per client vbs setting. Tried 80mhz, 40mhz. I hear people with ruckus able to get 16 people with at least 50mbps bitrates on the clients.
  4. Hey @C.T., I don't know if I'm the only one but this version doesn't work, steamvr (2.3.5) errors with headset not detected, reverting to 1.13.8b steamvr works fine again. Tested on 27 devices. (log sent to gurinder) Here is a video of the problem: https://gofile.io/d/QWzDRx
  5. does this version fix the headset going in passthrough when a controller loses tracker during vbs streaming?
  6. @C.T. we too experience issues when controller loses tracking and vbs is running, headset will go in passthrough, which is definitely not desirable, you might have a hand tracking only experience over wifi streaming and this blocks this ability. Last good version was .558
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