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  1. After some research I'd like to further discuss some things. The project works as an example with an default empty level. But although it's almost nothing in there some jitters and jurks are noticable as if the tracking performance in general is not good as if you'd use the recommended combination of steam-vr-plg + vive-open-xr-plg. After checking the plugins and settings on this project I've found out that the steamvr-plugin is not used. Until now I was always using this plugin (as recommended) together with the vive-open-xr-plugin. Instead it's using the cosmos-controller-plugin and the openxr-vive-cosmos-controller plg (and ofcourse the xr-visualization). To test where the performance issues had been coming from i was trying different combinations. It turned out that you still get hand-tracking-data with just the vive-open-xr-plg (but the console throws a lot of null-pointer errors). By using unreal's steamvr-plg the performance is as expected (really smooth and fluid) but no hand tracking data is coming through (you can verify this in the console also -> "GetMotionControllerData could not find matching UMotionControllerComponent"). So yes ... technically it's working but when i try to replicate the activated plugins and leaving our render-settings (which are WAY more complex than in this test-template) unreal crashes right away. I can confirm that with the "standart-setup" -> vive-open-xr + steamvr -plg our level is running like a charm on the focus + vbs + steamvr. So are there any recommendations or outlooks on future improvements on the hand-tracking-implementation? Thank you very much
  2. I can confirm that it works again, after unistalling vbs on my computer and re-installing again. I've noticed that there was an streaming app update on the focus itself too. To be honest i was testing out quite a lot different system options and since I'm still new to this whole vbs-steamvr-unreal integration I can't spot out what the issue was exactly. But what i've noticed is that inside steamvr, the system is recognizing your bare-hands as controllers which is maybe a good indicator that steam is getting the hand-tracking right.
  3. It worked on my side too until I've updated the VBS Beta from 1.07.07 to 1.07.10. (there was also an firmware update on the headset itsel) Can someone confirm that this still working? And is there a way to go back to an older VBS-version?
  4. @C.T. That's great! Thank you very much (and the "team") in advance. Will test this quite soon and will report.
  5. @HackPerception ... We are going to do some first "stresstests" quite soon so these are exellent suggestions and will (hopefully) help a lot! Thank you very much!
  6. Hello, we are currently facing the issue that the tracking/play area gets lost too often. Since we are using lighthouse-stations and trackers in addition, it is a bit tedious to recalibrate the whole system over and over again. I'm assuming that the area will get detected via computer vision magic using the inbuild cams and I'm gessing that this is not a trivial task (for example setting up the play area in evening in my office (lit by lamps) and finding that exact same positions / tracking features under daylight conditions) So to make this more stable I'm thinking of placing black and white marker images on the walls (something equal to AruCo markers) that will be more or less similar under all lighting conditions. Can you confirm can this would increase the stability? And if so would my approach using such kind of aruco images help the best or would you recommend other types of images? Thank you very much!
  7. Hey danwrong! Have you figured this out? I'm having the exact same issue/question! Thx
  8. Hello, we are currently developing an experience where we'd like to use 4 Focus 3 headsets in parallel within a Wifi6-environment. Can you maybe confirm that this is do-able? I've already read a post on Reddit where somebody else was successfully implementing such an application with an high-end gaming wifi6 router and 3 headsets in parallel. Thank you very much!
  9. So again ... Regarding to that statement "PC VR contents could now enjoy Focus 3 hand tracking with OpenVR Skeleton Input or OpenXR hand tracking." does this mean that i can now get not only the overall-hand-positions read (which already works) but also individual finger-limb-transforms within Unreal (using the latest VBS beta)? If so it would be great providing a quick tutorial on that. Thank you!
  10. Could you maybe explain on how to use the hand tracking data coming from the VBS in UE4 (Focus 3)? I was able to get the positional data for both wrists to work by using the openxr hand tracking feature (motion controller component) but by breaking up the struct there are no transform data for the finger-limbs. I'm also confused if i still need to compile and install the vive hand tracking sdk? Thank you again!
  11. Hey! I've tried to find a download-link for the latest VBS Beta (1.07.6a Beta) but couldn't find it anywhere. Could someone help me with that? Thank you very much in advance!
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