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  1. Sure. On the latest branch of the vive console I get massive screen tears at both 90/120hz. Rolling back to the "backup" branch removes most of the screen tears but causes hitching, frame drops, and what appears to be a small latency when I move my head. These all exist on the lowest res, and happen regardless of 120 or 90hz. I'm on a 4090, win 11, i9 13900k. It doesn't seem they've fixed anything.
  2. You're not having issues? I still get stuttering, hitching, latency and the occasional banding on the latest main branch of the vive console at 90hz lowest possible ss on a 4090 / 13900k.
  3. I just ended up buying a quest 2 and am using airlink to play VR now. This is... really abhorrent honestly. The amount of money I spent on the vive pro 2 only for it to become a literal brick is infuriating. I'm past my refund window by far. For anyone looking to buy a vive pro 2 and use a 4000 series with it, DON'T. It's not a playable experience due to frame drops, latency, and artifacting.
  4. seems to have done the trick! no longer getting weird frame drops / stuttering at 120hz and 90hz. I'll keep you updated if anything is weird as I try even more games
  5. Alright I just opted into the beta branch, I'll see if there's any change Still having issues on the beta branch
  6. Yes, I've turned off HAGs and all external applications like icue, msi afterburner, etc. Still happening. Getting a ton of reprojection at 90hz, like 20%
  7. I'm having the same issue with a 4090 and a i9 13900k on vive pro 2, win 11. 90hz, 120hz doesn't matter. Steam VR home shows dropped frames when moving my head. Changing my super sampling does not appear to take effect. I've closed out of all background applications.
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