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  1. Could it be that the coordinate system in Unity for the new Ultimate trackers is no longer the same as for the old 3.0 trackers? Does this mean that the z and y axes have been swapped?
  2. @JulienActiveMe i run in the same problem with XR Elite: No Solution yet
  3. Thanks for the answers. But to register this pinch there is the interaction profiles right? That would mean I need something like this from vive for the xr elite to register the pinch. In the Open XR "Android" Settings I also have this to choose from, but I need it in the "Windows, Mac..." settings:
  4. Is it somehow possible to use Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit together with the new XR Elite? When I start the Hands Interaction Demo from the XR Interaction Toolkit together with the XR Elite, I can see my hands and move them. I can also press buttons, but it is not possible to grab an object. I think I need an interaction profile for the XR Elite to grab things. Has anyone been able to try this out yet?
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