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Sending your vive pro 2 back to htc for the vertical lines issue will lead to "no issue found"


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 It's a little fishy right now..

You guys told us to shut our mouths, return the headset and contact the technical support team to deal with it but really you both let us in the dark and don't care.

-There is vertical scanlines which is most likely pixel inversion (it looks the same on a non calibrated index headset) it seems like you guys doesn't seem to know what it is or don't have the experience to deal with... Weird because you've made an incredible headset not so long ago so what's going now ? 

Ignoring symptoms on our headsets will only get us angry and other potential customers who does some research before buying restraining themselves from buying it.

All we want is an answer "WILL THIS EVER BE FIXED OR NOT?

I already contacted support team and it's the same as the forum, some said it's not normal you should send it back, I did but got back the headset I lost 70 euros sending the headset for nothing....

Atleast if you guys cared enough you would have told me that it's useless to send it back ? We are working on a fix ? All headset has it ?

I don't even get why I didn't have the chance to get a replacement even tho I sent it back only 3 weeks after, seems like they look inside the headset say "ow it's lit, good, send it back to this silly customer" 

I've never seen so much ignorance from a company in my entire life, it's really unfortunate.

The worst of all is that it's not the only issue I have from this headset, it's only the biggest problem.

-Audio which gets a tone pitch down when I start the headset

-The buzz on audio idle (I told them about it when returned the headset also)

-Weird sound artifacts at some point

-Huge frozen picture when you get back to steamvr home or get into another game

-Gpu goes panic attack at 100% randomly

-turning on the headset sometimes would lead to a "every  2 sec freeze of the whole computer even with a i9"


>I have two computers to spare the "it might be your computer lol" 

-The first which is obviously my main computer with a 3080 Ti , 32 gb of ram and i9 10900k

-The second my bedroom computer with a 2070 i5 4590 and 32 gb of ram

Tried on both, same issues on both (all listed)

I don't care about the vertical lines, I care about customer service and care. I don't feel like we are getting what we deserve and that's why I'm angry.

It's an expensive headset so being angry is the least we can do. If I were able to get a refund I would.



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English is not my native language.

In a nutshell my headset has slight vertical scan lines with head movement (looks like sde but only when you're moving which really ruins the picture quality) I sent it back and they did not do anything and sent back the headset to me.

I explained my issue in details to the support team before returning and they strictly told me to return it.

I'm not the only one with the issue and all the topics pointing out this panel issue is being ignored.

I can't really do a better explanation. 

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Here is a video quickly pointing it out, that the display is amazing but has vertical scan lines.

I did some more research and it's most likely that only people with super good vision are able to see them, I'm one of them. The same issue were present on my old valve index but the valve team quickly released a fix with column correction and they told us not to worry as they are working on it at time, vive didn't.


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22 hours ago, cees said:

i did send my vive pro 2 back.Its almost 4 weeks and still no sign off life.

If i get my unit back and they didnt fix the vertical scanlines issue i would be raging mad..

Let see how it goes..

what's your support ticket number?

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So after a chat with htc support they said i need to send the unit back for rma,so i did.

But now I got the vive pro back today after 4 weeks of rma.. With the message no issues found!!!!

What a terrible company sorry.... So they did send it back with the terrible scanlines!!!!!

NEVER a HTC product again unbelievable this...i am gonne post this on reddit too.... Unbelievable htc!!!

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