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Issues/crashes when other XR plugins are included along with Vive XR Plugin in Unity project


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Our Unity project (2020.3.12f1) uses Pico, Oculus as well as Wave XR Plugins. We have run into an issue where we are getting app startup crashes on different devices (Quest/Pico) when we include the Wave XR Plugin (v1.0.1) even though it is disabled in the XR Plugins during build. Based on investigation by the Pico team and their discussion with Unity's tech support, it seems to be related to the following issue-

"According to our discussion with Unity Tech, we think that the actual cause is that WaveSDK enabled even “WaveVR” is not selected in XR Plug-In Management.


This also occurs on other platform like Oculus. Though it doesn’t introduce the crash issue on other platforms (nor G2 / Neo 2), there might other risks for such behavior. So the best way should still let Wave SDK optimize for this issue. Unity might also reach out to Wave about this case. We’d also suggest you reach out to Wave to confirm the issue as well."  Deleting the file "libGfxWXRUnity.so" temporarily prevents the crashes but that is not a viable solution when having multiple XR Plugins in the project.


 Could you please investigate this issue? 




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I have also expereinced crashing after using the Wave SDK with XR Management using Build and Run. I disconnected the headset and installed via ADB and it ran. So I'm not sure what's going on but have found that the WaveSDK is a massive pain compare to other devices in XR Management.

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