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Motion Compensation


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 Recently I got a Vive Pro 2 unit (coming from a HP Reverb G2), and I have noticed a really bad behaviour of the motion compensation functionality. I need to it to avoid ghosting effect when the frame rendering halves the FPS, but the motion compensation creates strange artefacts.

 Is there any plan for solving these problems? 

 Is there any plan for supporting "motion smoothing" feature from SteamVR?

 Here is a huge drawback of this device, which makes me thinking about returning it back...


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It would be nice if the technical service could clarify if they see something strange in this SteamVR report:


Even if the FPS indicator shows that I'm stable at 45 FPS (ultra mode), the generated ghosting (in DCS simulator) is very noticeable under certain conditions. The ghosting effect disappears when you reach 90 FPS, so it seems that the reprojection is not working properly. I don't know if the problem comes from Vive Console, SteamVR or both.

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