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SRanipal eye tracking C++ API does not reach 120 Hz sampling frequency( runtime and 1.3.3 SDK, win10 pro, i7-10700k, 3060ti)

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Hi everyone,

I can only get data of about 60Hz using c++ eye tracking API. I just used the callback of the C++ sample project and modified main.cpp.

The attached are the modified script  and one of data collected  by us.

Here are  software and hardware relevant details:

  • runtime and 1.3.3 SDK
  •  win10 pro, CPU: i7-10700k, GPU: 3060ti

Looking forward to your reply, thanks!



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Hi @paul_hhhh, see nobody answered your query, and congratulation, you have solved your problem. I believe your solution would also be helpful for me. May I ask you a question, I have an HTC Pro Eye HMD, and trying to use the eye tracing feature in my C++ project. I know SRanipal works for both Unity3D and Unreal Engine, but I want to have eye-tracking in my C++ code. Is there any documentation/ tutorial how I can do that? 

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