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How to move Viveport applications to another drive


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  • 4 months later...

I too have this very same problem... All the games are being stored on my smaller driver (C drive) and no matter how many times i instruct vive to save them else where, they still get saved on C drive... Incidentally, my C drive is now nearly full, thus i cant download any new games. :-(


Pleease help.

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Have you tried the instructions above, specifically launching the Viveport client by right-clicking its exe and choosing "run as administrator"? That contiunes to be the most reliable way of getting Window's to accept the change. I think this function requires additional scrutiny and hopefully our QA system can figure out why this fails on some setups. 

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     Hi , 

     I have been unable to track down a reliable solution for you as this is a difficult problem to reproduce. It seems like it relates to the windows registry. I'll add it to our QA list in hopes that we can more exhaustively test it.


    We may have a potential solution for you though! The client update that released this week (1.1.5) adds a "download wizard" which may be of us in your case. When a title is in your library and you hit "download", a new window will pop up which should allow you to change the install path. Given that your windows configuration is having trouble with keeping the correct option in place, I'd maybe refrain from using the "remember my choice" option to ensure that you can access the wizard in the future. Let us know if this works. 




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This is what I did to solve it.

First of all close the application.


Open  C:\ProgramData\HTC\Vive\Vive.settings

with notePad app or similar txt application.


You will find something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
<settings xmlns:htc="http://vrstore.htc.com/settings/values" xmlns="http://vrstore.htc.com/settings/values">
<setting name="btn_install_folder">
<setting name="chkbox_auto_update">
<value type="bool">true</value>


You need to change the path <value>D:\VivePort_HTC</value> with your new path.


Then Save... and there is the problem, you have no permissions to do so.

You need to Save it with another name, for example "vive.xml" in the same folder.

Then you need to erase the file C:\ProgramData\HTC\Vive\Vive.settings with Administration permissions. To do so, right clik the file and you will see the option in the menu.


Final step.

Rename the file "vive.xml" with "vive.settings" 

It should work, it did for me

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have the same problem. Thought I'd chip in. After seeing it's a permissions issue , and I'm running Win 10 Pro, I decided to look at the security settings for the folder:


However this software is installed, it's not granting users with the modify permission on the folder and its contents, even though it's installed into ProgramData.


For anyone not understanding security rights in Windows I suggest reading: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727008.aspx


'home' users won't be able to change these settings, typically, for some reason viewing security permissions like this and clicking 'advanced' to take ownership of the folder and its contents is usually reserved for 'pro' versions of windows. 


For some reason, when the software installs, it's setting the permission as SYSTEM, so even Administrators may not be able to consistently have write access to this location


After clicking 'Change' and setting it to 'users' in the box that appears, voila I can change the config.


You might want to look into what privileges you've got set to elevate to when you're installing the software and/or consider running a powershell/command script to fix the permissions after install.

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