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Redemption Code Problem


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Hello there,
I bought htc vive via Amazon.com. They give me 3 application gifts. But they say you need to enter the Redemption codes in 2 days. I'm using Mac OSX (my pc arriving nex week). I can not install Viveport and enter my promotional codes. What should I do?



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Amazon should have given you one code, that you can redeem here:




There, you'll actually generate three codes. More info on that is here.


Anyway, you can do all that without installing Viveport on your PC - as long as you have an HTC account (and you do, you're logged in here :) ).


Let us know if you have more issues.

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 - There seems to be some odd issues with that page when using your codes.


The easiest solution we've found is : 


- Log out of VivePort, OR just use an incognito Window.


- Go to vive.com/code

- Add

- When you are asked to log in - continue as GUEST.

- Finish check out as GUEST.


You will then be given GAME CODES to use in VIVEPORT.



That worked for me and a few others at least!

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I can’t find a solution to this....so i just receive my vive port...kinda I mean it’s at my uncle since it dosent direct ship to here.anyway he sent me a photo of the code that come with the vive.i try redeem it both on my pc(window) and on my iPhone and I tried redeem at the site you gave.it didn’t work it says “ Code "-the code-" is invalid, Please check your code and try again.i tried about 3 times and I checked it’s the right code.he told me he hasn’t key in as well...


Sorry to take up your time...

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