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Games not showing in library


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My problem is that Viveport desktop app shows only steam titles. Nothing I get from viveport app itself doesnt show in library or anywhere in desktop app but when I access library from site everything shows ok. I had waited around 4 months now for it to work but nothing. Uninstalled Everything vive related and installed everyhting again and still same problem. Any fix fro this because there are some titles I want from viveport that arent in steam. Iam using same account to log in to app and site so the issue isnt that Iam using 2 different logins.

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Hey ,


We had a look at your account details and we actually have two on file - one login using Steam, the other using Google.


To troubleshoot this, log out of your sessions in both the Vive desktop and the Viveport website. Then re-login using each account login, and hopefully, one of them should show your purchases.


Let us know if that doesn't work.

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