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Cosmos Elite: Lighthouse configration broken, and HMD bricked.


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I tried to initialize Cosmos Elite HMD by pressing and holding the button.
After that, SteamVR now recognizes a HMD as a tracker.

From the following file, it seems that the config for the tracker have been written to HMD by SteamVR.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\lighthouse\lhr-36688ab1\config.json

"device_class": "generic_tracker",
"device_pid": 8210,
"device_serial_number": "LHR-FF435B46",
"device_vid": 10462,

"manufacturer": "HTC",
"mb_serial_number": "42FM165E16710",
"model_number": "Vive. Tracker PVT",
"render_model": "vr_tracker_vive_1_0",
"revision": 1,


I want to try "lighthouse_console.exe uploadconfig" with correct config.

Please give me a config.json file for VIVE Cosmos Elite HMD.


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