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Vive business streaming odd freezing behavior when headset is disconnected

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I've been trying to use the Focus 3 for game development via SteamVR, and every time I try to run my game without the headset on and connected to the business streaming app it'll start freezing my computer randomly and the business streaming app stops outputting its signal for me to connect to.

To fix it I'm stuck waiting until the freezes stop, or hard-resetting my computer but that's not exactly a solution if it means losing data.

This seems like undesirable behavior so I'm hoping this can be fixed.

The way I can reproduce it is using Unity, connect your headset to SteamVR, hit play in the editor and observe proper movement and behavior, then go out of play mode, wait for your headset to go to sleep, then hit play.

SteamVR your whole computer will start freezing and becoming unresponsive save for a few seconds every couple seconds/minutes.

Please fix?


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