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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes
Released October 26th 2021

Vive Console


  • Improved on motion compensation quality
  • Fixed a bug where vive console doesn’t appear on the screen


  • Enable XR_MSFT_scene_understanding
  • Enable XR_HTC_facial_expression for VIVE facial tracker (Experienced release)
  • Fixed rare engine editor crash on releasing hand tracking API layer
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Please add ability to make passthrough Transparent so that I can view VR 100% with Reality Cameras at 50-80%

Can make the IDP knob the Transparency % control even.
PLEASE I thought my Cosmos Elite could do this when I bought it a year ago.
I love passthrough but need the ability to see both VR and Reality...

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I don't try betas, but I really hope this fixes the problem I had with MC where every text on screen looked like a broken jpeg, also UI of games show up with missing parts.

It used to work fine months ago and I enabled it to get the stable 90fps, now I disabled it asit made games totally unplayable, at cost of lag spikes and low fps in certain sequences.

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8 hours ago, BVV.Fr said:

i'd like to have a shortcut or/and an integration of the motion compensation switch in steamvr please 😇

is there a shortcut i don't know?

The most convenient way to switch it on without removing the headset is through desktop mode.

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8 hours ago, Sirius said:

Can this be used for a tethered Focus3 device? OpenXR runtime that is what I am concerned about.

You should be able to use Steam OpenXR runtime with Wired-VBS on Focus 3 currently.

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