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How can I watch stereoscopic or 360° images


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how can I view stereoscopic or 360° images on the Vive Focus 3.
The video player can only play movies and the image viewer in the file manager doesn't really deserve the name.
Is there an app for this?
I bought it especially for photos and now find that this elementary function is not available.

Many greetings Jens

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I did find this https://forum.htc.com/topic/14236-how-to-watch-360-image-with-the-headset/?do=findComment&comment=50329
suggesting images be converted to MP4 and viewed with 
Viewing a 360° video in Viewer mode (vive.com)
However, it seems a 360* image viewer that allows for easy viewing and sharing of images instead of just videos should be included or available in the app store. 


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