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Vive Tracker Role Changer (current version: 0.8)


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VIVE Tracker Role Changer v0.8


This tool is for changing the role of the tracker to read in SteamVR as a controller. This is only required for applications that doesn't yet recognize the device correctly, e.g. mixed reality.



  1. Unplug the Vive from the computer.
  2. Plug in the Tracker via USB cable.
  3. Run tool and follow the prompts.
  4. Tool will report what the tracker is currently reporting itself as and give you the option to switch it's role reporting.
  5. On completion, unplug the tracker and restart SteamVR. Reconnect everything.


Note: While your tracker is reporting itself as a controller, while it shouldn't ask you to update, if it does, do not update the firmware until it's reporting itself as a tracker again.


Hopefully I didn't miss anything with the tool. Let us know how it works. Also, if you guys need this tool for another issue outside of the MR issue that we're aware of, please let us know.


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Hi , I think you've found a bug with our forum solution; thanks for pointing it out. As I'm aware this is still the current version. I'm not sure how to fix the strikethrough but you can apparently still downloading it by clicking on the icon immediately following the text.


Here is a direct link to v0.8:  http://community.viveport.com/espti62423/attachments/espti62423/vive-developer-discussion/37/1/VIVETrackerChanger_0.8.zip

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There is no way provided in openvr to provide a means too switch vive tracker mode from controller to hmd.     Controller or hmd are the only two currently supported device classes in openvr and vive tracker uses generic tracker as device class.    Because of hard coding vive tracker device config for it to act as a controller there is no way too use vive tracker as head tracker for a non vive hmd being used in steamvr.  


By "used in steamvr" I mean steamvr features like room setup, room layout and SteamVR compositor.     Vive tracker does not seem to supporting the spirit of why openvr exists which is too encourage multi vendor vr setuos and provide support for more than one make of vr device.


Is it possible to use steamvr tracking hdk toolset together with the 3d drawings, the current config file for vive tracker to create a proper config that supports current openvr features?


I would like to add vive tracker to a non vive hmd faceplate but am finding all the tutorials and documentation are for client side development and finding the vive tracker using device class that is not documented or officially supported in openvr api just does not seem right.


How do we set vive tracker device class so that it supports current openvr protocol?





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Hi Dario, How do we set vive tracker to device class hmd in its config file (the tracked device config file created by steamvr tracking hdk tools) for things like steamvr compositor to use pose created by tracker?

Openvr api documentation defines two device classes supported by openvr which are controller or hmd. Using lighthouse_console downloadconfig allows reading of the config json from vive tracker which defines vive tracker as using generic_tracker as device class.

How can we use vive tracker as head tracker tracking a non vive hmd in things like steamvr room setup, steamvr compositor and SteamVR home?

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