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Haptics API in latest wave unity sdk 4.1.1?


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Is there a haptics API in the latest Wave XR SDK? I remember there being an interface in the older SDK i.e. TriggerHapticPulse but don't see it in the latest one. Or do we need to directly use the Unity XR input device for haptics now?



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@Tony PH Lin Thanks. I am currently using 

<InputDevice>.SendHapticImpulse(0, amplitude, duration);

 but I have noticed that whatever 'amplitude' I pass, the haptic vibration feels extremely strong on Vive Focus Plus whether the value passed is 0.1 or 1.0. Not sure if this is a bug or related to the device.

I can try 'WXRDevice.SendHapticImpulse' as suggested. Does it use something else under the hood (not Unity XR) so it changes the intensity?

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