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Odd Tracking Issues


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Few things I've had an issue with:


  • Floating Head Syndrome
    • Basically your standing still and yet your head starts to 'float' and 'twist'
  • Controller mis-tracking
    • The controller will sometimes not be in my hand. And when I hold it at certain angles it ends up 'freaking out'


I'm thinking the issue is the reflective duct I have in the room:



I think the sectional is also causing some issues.

Any thoughts on this one guys?

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Probably not the couch - I have one myself in my Vive area - but the duct, could be. That thing is shiny!


To be sure, you'd need to set up the Vive elsewhere and test. Alternatively, a couple of things that might work:


1) Lower the lighthouses - you may have to lower them so much they're not usable, but you could test and see if you have the same issue. In theory, the lower they are, the less likely they are to sweep onto the duct's surface and reflect.


2) Cover the duct - any sort of cheap packing paper should do the trick, you just don't want it to reflect. So you know, no Reynolds Wrap or tin foil. ;)


Let us know how you get on, .

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 - So I took it to work so we could enjoy it at lunch. So new room, new set-up.

No issues what-so-ever.


So yeah, gotta blame the room I was in. Guess I'll look into some cheap black fabrick or something!

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Good to hear! Yep, even surfaces that seem shiny but not reflective are an issue - could see reflections in your picture, so that'll almost certainly be the issue.


Get thee to a fabric store! That and some tape should do the trick. :D

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