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Native GLES plugin fails to initialize when using Wave SDK in Unity 2020.1

Evan Odabashian

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We have a client who is building a Unity app targeting Vive Focus 3 and using a native plugin that we develop (which interacts with the Unity EGL context in our native code). They're finding that our plugin fails to initialize however when running on the Focus 3 with the Wave SDK. They've sent us some logcat output with errors like this:

"Unity [EGL] Unable to acquire context: EGL_BAD_SURFACE: An EGLSurface argument does not name a valid surface (window, pixel buffer or pixmap) configured for GL rendering."

I've seen other references online that say this error can be safely ignored, however immediately following this log message are errors from our plugin saying it couldn't get the current EGL context for the thread. My assumption is that Unity is trying to make the context current before it transitions to our plugin code, but something is going wrong and since it can't acquire and make the context current, our plugin is unable to function without a current EGL context.

So my question is, is this is a known incompatibility between Vive Focus / Wave SDK and native GLES plugins in Unity, and if so, is there a fix forthcoming in either a Unity or Wave SDK update? Or is there any recommended workaround?



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Hi Evan,

It looks like your environment is "your plugin + Wave SDK" on Focus3. So now you have two native plugins to interact with the Unity EGL context, right?

I am not sure how your plugin works.

For Wave native plugin, this error log is only a transition period condition while Unity interacting with Wave plugin. It is not an issue and usually happens at the Unity starting and stopping rendering phase

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