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Ripped Off by HTC (Issue resolved)


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My experiences with HTC Vive have been nothing less than painful. 

Read this and be careful not to be ripped off by HTC and their Partners.

After ordering the HTC Vive here on htcvive.com/eu around Christmas and paying (by bank transfer which was the only possibility) i received my order confirmation and that the product would be arriving within 2-3 days. 

After 9 days i contacted support and they said i should give it another week. 

After another week i contacted support again, asking where the product was. They said my order was cancelled. I told them that cannot be true because i paid. They said they would call me back the next day. 

They never called back the next day. This continued for 2 weeks where they said they would fix the issue and call me the next day which they never did. Then they started becoming aggressive on the phone, claiming that i never paid, even though i have bank transfers confirmed by both sender and receiver. 

In the beginning, Digital River (Their payment processor partner) refused to give any form of customer service, however they sent me an apology stating that they can confirm that they have received my funds. I have forwarded this to the Danish and US HTC Support, however they have never contacted me back concerning the case.

A free legal aid in Denmark has also contacted them multiple times where they have claimed to be sorry and that they are going to refund me within 1 week. They have claimed this for 4 months now. 

HTC Vive's Legal Documents are not available online nor are any names or contact informations available regarding such matter which is highly suspicious. 

I am now escalating this matter with my Lawyer and the Danish Media as such business practices are highly looked down upon. 

Has anybody else experienced such hassles from such a large company? How can they be so careless? I love the product and bought it secondhand instead and i'm having a lot of fun. I just don't understand how HTC can hire rude, careless Support employees. 


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Huh - my experiences have been basically the opposite.


I jump on Live chat and get very quick helpful responses! Heck, one of the guys was working with me for over 3 hours trying to figure out an issue I was having!



I do want to note - I have experienced similar issues with other large companies (not Vive). But for example AMAZON, BestBuy, etc. Some times accidents happen and there are some large gaps in communication. I hope everything works out well for you!!

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Thanks for the reply! 3 hours sounds like a lot, mine couldn't wait to get me off the line!


What did you do with these other companies? I wouldn't have worried if it was a smaller purchase, but for 1000$ i do not expect phone support to be rude, careless and blatantly lying.


I'm looking to see what my lawyer will say. Given 4 months i'm running out of patience. But thanks! Did you end up getting your money back with Amazon?

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 - Yeah - with purchases that large that makes sense.


Amazon wasn't able to fully resolve my issue, but was able to make me feel content enough to stop complaining. So it worked out!


 is the best, he'll be able to help ya out :-D

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Hey , happy to keep the thread around - I only ask for PMs because most people don't want their email address public. :)


If you want yours removed from your post let me know. :)


I've passed on this thread and your details to the right people who can escalate. With timezone differences I don't think we'll see immediate (ie, tonight in European terms) action, but hopefully within a few days.


As a general rule to anyone else reading this: yes, issues can happen with Customer Support, and we want to help you with them. If you have an issue that does not seem to be getting resolved, you can talk to me directly or post, either here or in Technical Support, and someone will try to help you out.


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I'm collating everything in your post to get the right teams in motion.  Please consider me your main point of contact until this is resolved for you.  I will send you an email confirming this so you have a direct line to me. 

As  mentioned we may have some bit of timezone considerations but I will make sure to get all of the follow ups on your behalf.


Thank you,


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