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Edge of Atlantis VR Roguelike RPG

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Hi Everyone,


We're the developers of Edge of Atlantis, a VR Roguelike RPG. It's Guild Wars 2 meets Torchlight in VR with realistic physics-based combat and permadeath in a roguelike fantasy world.


We're on Kickstarter now. Please take a look at our project.  Any pledges, share, mention or feedback would mean the world to us. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1403817907/edge-of-atlantis-vr-fantasy-roguelike-action-rpg-g?ref=3ajwmd 



Creality Team



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 - Yeah.... I know ;-) I as just hoping for a Demo!


That being said , a demo might get you more backers... Reading-up, it sounds like you have a LOT currently done.


Build a single level / room showing off a few mechanics? /shrug

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